Monday, September 27, 2010

Sasha and Maria have families!

I am so excited, the two kids I posted on here, both have families that stepped forward this week to adopt them.

Just last week, our social worker asked if we wanted 1 or 2 children on our homestudy. We know for sure we are to adopt Priscilla, but I just could not get Sasha out of my head. He is in the same orphanage as Priscilla. I knew I could not go over and get Priscilla and leave him without thinking about him every single day of my life. I have been praying and praying that someone would come forward to adopt him.

You see, he had a family, but the mom got sick, and they were unable to adopt him. I know they must have been devastated to not bring home this sweet little boy that they already felt was theirs. From what I understand, they even decided they would still go through with the adoption, but while in Eastern Europe realized they needed to come back home and take care of their family.

So many people were praying and rooting for Sasha. His grant started growing. He needed a family badly, because he just turned 3, and would have only a year left before going to the mental institution.

But now, he will have a mommy and daddy. He will have 2 brothers. He will be loved and adored. You can read their blog for the full story.

I am so beyond happy that he is coming home. And the best part, his family only lives a couple hours away. So, our children can grow up together. I wonder if they already know each other and play with each other in the orphanage.

So, I found all this out a couple days ago, and then today, another surprise. The little girl I wrote a post about has a family. She is so sweet. I haven't had a chance to talk to her family yet, though.

Prayer changes things. I've been praying for both Sasha and Maria just about everyday for weeks.

Thank you, Jesus, that these two babies have homes.


  1. knowing Maria has a family just made my day !! I have been praying for her every day since I saw her beautiful face on RR!! I am SO happy for her ! Crying tears of happiness.. Cannot wait to hear who her new family is and follow along their journey!!!

  2. that is wonderful!!!! and that is amazing sasha is going to be just a few hours away!