Thursday, September 16, 2010

Heart of adoption?

Today, we went to the store looking for a birthday gift for a friends little girl. While we were looking at the toys, Malika falls in love with a baby doll. I told her she could play with it while we were in the store getting our other things, but she would have to put it back when we were done.

It was one of those babies that cry, not my favorite, because it takes all the imagination out of playing. Malika loves it though. Anyway, this baby had a bottle that went with it, and usually it would cry until you put the bottle in it's mouth. As we were walking around, the baby is crying and crying, sounds real too! Malika looks up at me and says "it won't stop crying". I told her, maybe she should try nursing it. Really, I just wanted to see if she would. I think she thought it was a crazy idea, we both ended up laughing over it. But, I guess she thought it might help too, so she did "nurse" it. Then she yells out "it worked, she's not crying anymore."

After that, she was pretty smitten. But, she still had to put it back when we were done shopping. So, when we got to the cash register, I told her she had to put her down. She, of course didn't want to. When she finally did, she had this very sad look on her face, and kept looking back at the baby. I tried to explain that she would get a good mommy, but we just couldn't take her home. Made me want to cry.

So, now I wonder if she will have a heart to adopt when she grows up. I think she will.

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