Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Day

I don't have anything new to write about the adoption. It is still in the early phase, so right now, we are working on just getting the homestudy done. Tomorrow is our first homestudy visit. We have to drive to Birmingham for it. We will do one more there, then they will come to our house. 

We have been running around like crazy getting different documents ready, notarized, then sent or faxed. 

So, I have been reading different blogs lately, and the ones that I love are the ones that have pictures. I don't have any new pictures of Priscilla, so I thought I would just post some pictures from my day. 

This morning, the kids wanted to go outside right after breakfast, so we did, still in our pajamas. 

Malika was sitting in this nursing her baby, by the time I got the camera, she said her baby was done. I tried to get her to re-inact it, but she said her baby wasn't hungry anymore. She is going to make a great mommy!

Justus decided to look for something to eat. He eats everything. Even Mulch!

Then, he does a little texting and driving, completely ignoring the new law.
Later, my good friend, Courtney (with her two kids, Pierce and Love) comes over for a surprise visit. She is turning out to be like a sister to me.  We talked about adoption, being Godly wives, and raising children.
Little Love

Then, the kids played in the baby pool. They had a blast. I think Pierce is confirming Justus' idea that boys do definitely do things that are dangerous.

It was a very fun day!


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