Sunday, September 5, 2010

God is faithful to provide

I am so encouraged today. I was starting to get a little discouraged because we haven't had many people donate money. And everywhere I would turn to do a fundraiser, I would hit roadblocks.

I have been continually going back to the Lord, and He has been showing me HE IS FAITHFUl, even though I haven't seen much.

Yesterday, and for about the last week, we have only had $135 donated. Today, we now have $2585. I am so amazed. I really needed this. Now, I feel like this is really real. It is really going to happen.

Thank you so much to my friends who have donated. I will forever be grateful to you.

On another note, we ended up starting our dossier (all the legal paperwork sent to Priscilla's country) yesterday. Well, kind of. We had a packet of documents to notarize. We loaded the kids up and went to the bank. Halfway through the process, I read back through the checklist and it is very particular about the way it is notarized and I realize all but one is incorrect. So, we will have to go back on tuesday when the bank opens. Oh well, I'm not too discouraged about it, after reading many other stories of people adopting, I knew we would have roadblocks all along the way.

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