Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have set up a new chip in, I put the goal as $5000 and the end date for the end of this year. It would be wonderful to raise that much before then, but there isn't really any reason I set that number, other than just being hopeful.

I have changed the amount of money we have spent (in the lower right hand column) to the estimated money for the adoption. I have realized there is a little money going everywhere, from paying for postage, passports, getting things apostilled, etc. So, it would be more realistic for you to see the estimate of where the  money will go.

Most of what we will end up paying seems to be when we are actually in country, and the plane tickets to get over there. So, if you want to donate and need a tax deduction, you can donate through Reece's Rainbow, by clicking on Priscilla's picture. Just be sure to write Priscilla for the Thumanns in the comments when donating that way, to be sure the money actually goes to us.  All the money donated through that will only be given to us in the end, for when we are ready to travel.

Thank you so much for all the support that you give. Even if you can only give $5.00, that is still $5.00 closer to reaching our goal, so that still means a lot to me.

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