Saturday, May 21, 2011

We are home!!

We just got home last night (friday) after a really long day. Everyone did really well, considering we were up and flying for over 24 hours. Not too many melt downs.

Kaylee did wonderful. She is still sleeping now. I can't say the same for Malika and Justus, they have been awake since 1 in the morning, I got up with Justus to feed him and Malika comes to the top of the stairs and says "good morning, Mommy", so sweet.

It is really good being at home.

I will write more later and post some pictures, I just wanted to let everyone know we made it safe.


  1. What a beautiful story from start to finish! Your faith was more than admirable as you worked and prayed through bad news and bumps in the road. You are an amazing woman. Kaylee is so blessed to have you and your family. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. YAYYY!!!! Happy to know you are home safe and sound!!

  3. Crystal, don't want to call and disturb your babies, but we have been trying to e-mail you. Every time I send an e-mail to you it comes back to me undeliverable (including my reply to your original e-mails).

    Anyway, glad you all made it safely.

    I was thinking yesterday about this whole journey. I was thinking how smoothly things went for us, and then I started thinking about all the snags you guys hit going through the SAME journey. I was wondering why two stories that should have been basically the same were so different. I think it's because God knew that you could handle it. I would like to think that if we had as rocky of a time as you we would have stayed strong, but I don't know if that is true. Your whole family was a great example to us. Thanks for bearing witness and letting us be a part of your journey. So glad we are in this together ;)

    Love you guys!!!

  4. I will remember that day forever!! Such a joyous occasion!! A picture cd is on the way!!

  5. It was so good to meet you guys on your way out/our way in. We are glad you are home with your angel. I had a question for your husband about the SIM card he gave me. I still haven't gotten it to work and was wondering if he remembered what the APN was that he had to enter to get the SIM card to work. I thought it was but am hoping that I have the wrong one since i can't seem to get that to work here. If he is around and has a minute to email me I'd appreciate it. Thanks, congrats on being home!

  6. We are also suffering from Jet Lag - still. So good to see you in Kiev! Can't wait to see your traveling pictures! God's Blessings to you!
    FYI - Sonya and Dusty were released from the hospital last night - PTL!
    Amy & Family!