Monday, May 9, 2011

Sharing, screaming and bottle feeding

The last few days have been good, but very slow going. We are very ready for our time here to be over. Only two more days until we can start the paperwork process to get Kaylee's passport. Pray that we can finish all of that in one day and that it will truly only take 4 days to get it back.

Malika says everyday "only 3 more days and we can bring Kaylee home", I don't know why she is stuck on the 3 days, but it is too cute. I think she is very anxious to have her home as her sister. We tried out the bottle this morning to see if she could drink out of it (she can) and Malika was so excited to be able to hold her and give her the bottle.

I'm afraid Justus isn't going to be quite so excited to take her home. He is so happy to go to the orphanage to see her, he runs straight to her class and says "Kay-ee, Kay-ee", but I think he is also relieved to take her back. We tried so hard to get a cute picture of them together this morning, but don't be fooled, even though Justus is smiling, he doesn't want to sit next to Kaylee, and just before the picture, he was hitting her. He is usually so sweet, except when it comes to Kaylee. I think he is realizing that he will have to share me. Poor little guy. I think we are all going to have a hard time for a little while after bringing her home.

I think we are making good progress with Kaylee. She has started to come to me when we are playing on the ground (yes, we are breaking the rules), and she wants to give me hugs. This morning, when I handed her back to a nanny, she even tried to come back to me. I am encouraged that she is bonding sooner than I expected.

Now, if only she would stop screaming. I don't know if it is a DS thing or an orphanage thing, but Kaylee screams. Not everytime we have her, but more often than not. I was trying to figure out why, but my conclusion is that either she wants something, is tired, overstimulated, doesn't like something, wants to do something different or just wants my attention. So, yeah, my conclusion isn't much of a conclusion. One day, I thought we would try to break it and I said "no scream" and tapped her mouth, so she understood what I meant, after like the 30th time, I tired of it and decided we would work on this later. I even tried screaming myself, and then say " no scream", but that didn't work either. Oh yeah, and when she does scream, sometimes it's as often as every 5 seconds. I hope it is something she will stop soon on her own, otherwise we wont be going many places. At least not anywhere she has to be quiet.


  1. I really believe once you get home, you will easily work out all the little kinks. It's still not comfortable yet. You probably feel like everything you do is under watch. It will all work out, Justus will get used to her too, especially when you get home and she is constantly there. ;)

  2. It's probably something she learned in the orphanage. It's more than likely the only way she has been able to get anyone to even look at her her entire life. Poor baby! Aand poor you! Stay strong, guys. If anyone is up to this task, it's you two. Justus will adjust. I worried about Zack whe Jenna came along and he was so little. Now they are best buds and inseparable! Hugs to all!

  3. We are counting down the days! So glad that you guys are on the tail-end.

    Bec and Aaron

  4. that is the sweetest picture of malika feeding kaylee!