Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Official

Kaylee is officially a Thumann!

This morning we went to the courthouse to pick up the court decree for our adoption. Then we had to take it to change her birth certificate, apply for a passport and close out her bank account.

It all went pretty fast. We took Kaylee with us for the passport part, but the rest we just went on our own with Marina, since it is a lot of waiting.

When we went to close out the bank account, the bank was full of people, we later found out they were all there waiting to pay utility bills and have to wait several hours, because they are very slow. Anyway, after seeing how crowded and busy it was, Marina went to a separate part of the bank and called someone in the back, a lady came out immediately and worked quickly for us, because Marina gave her a box of chocolates. She explained to us that people around here will not accomplish things unless you give them a gift, then they work quickly. I was surprised at how easily they can be bought, this box of chocolates was probably no more than $5. I can only imagine what would happen if it were like this in the US, I think it would be disastrous and turn into who can by the best gift or pay the most. I know this does sometimes happen, but I am glad it is not the case for most things.

Anyway, if you are wondering about the bank account, we were told it is set up for orphans with special needs and set aside for if they have medical needs or one day when they are moved to an institution to care for them. I don't know about other orphanages, but the director at this orphanage is very honest, Marina told us if not for her the children would not have the amount they do in their accounts. The money that is withdrawn is donated back to the orphanage, we are told it is split up into the other childrens accounts.

We still do not have Kaylee with us, it is strange that she is ours and that we even signed her out, but still do not have her. We are planning on taking her out on Friday and them going to Kiev on Saturday. Her passport should be ready on Tuesday, which is also the day that we will start our appointment with the embassy to get her visa. This will take two days, so we are planning on coming home next Thursday if all goes as planned.

The Haglers took Sasha and Ana out of the orphanage today and are now on a train headed to Kiev. It is sad to see them leave, but I am so excited for them to see their journey coming to an end and starting their new life with 4 children. They are planning on going home Saturday, pray for them that the children will do well traveling.


  1. I am so excited that she is officially YOURS now! I can't wait to see you guys! (this is Mary, on Linda's account)

  2. Yea...It won't be too much longer. Love you all. Mom and Dad, Grammy and Poppy

  3. Thursday!!! Yay! I called you, but you were putting the kids to sleep!! Can't wait for Thursday!!

  4. WooHoo! That is really exciting!!

  5. Praise the Lord, Josh & Crystal!! We're so thankful you have her now! We are praying the rest of your time there will go smoothly and quickly--I know you want to get home so much. We love you! Love, Jeni & family

  6. How precious! I love the picture of Crystal holding Kaylee on her shoulder. Praise the Lord -- she's finally, officially a family member. We're looking forward to meeting her! We'll be praying for a safe trip home.


  7. We are SO EXCITED! What a long journey, huh?

    Congratulations --

    Aaron and Bec

  8. wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! this is so exciting. can't wait to see y'all and to meet Kaylee in person!!!