Friday, May 13, 2011

One orphan less, part 2

I am too tired to write much, but I just wanted to finish my post since I said I would.

Both Kaylee and Justus slept for about 3 hours, Malika fell asleep too for about an hour. After nap we went into town to get a new Internet card for the phone, we joked about it running out the day before we left here, and it really did. Oh well, it is only about $6.

We stopped at the park on the way home. Kaylee was doing so well. She didn't scream the whole time we were out. She kept looking around. This is probably the first time she has been outside the orphanage, other than our trip to the passport office.

We fed the dogs at the park. There are stray dogs everywhere around here, the dogs just roam around all over and run in packs, we usually see about 6 or so laying by the road when we go to the store. We have been saving our food instead of throwing it away to feed them, kind of like feeding the ducks :)

The kids made a friend at the park, a little boy about Malika's age. He blew bubbles and they all chased them.

After that, we went back home and made dinner. Kaylee did really well and ate, but then we put her on the floor to play and she cried a very shrill cry. I didn't even think she knew how to cry loud, I bet she was saving it :). Anyway, I don't know what was wrong, but she finally calmed down.

She went to bed pretty well. We didn't have any trouble with her, except I was afraid she would crawl off the bed, since one side is open.

Malika absolutely loves her, they played together tonight before bed. I will try to post a video when we get to Kiev.

Tomorrow afternoon we are getting on a train to go to Kiev, please pray for us, the train ride here was awful, it was so hot and miserable, so I'm hoping for a better trip this time.


  1. sounds like a beautiful beautiful day!!! she is yours!! this little girl who captivated your heart, whom seemed worlds away, who you have been carrying in your heart for 9 months is finally fully born into your family!! i am so excited!!

  2. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Praise the Lord! I am really excited that today has finally come, after all the waiting and wondering and praying. Now she is really yours! I can't wait for you all to get home so we can see you and meet her.

  4. yay!!!! zoya cried for what seemed like no reason when we first got her out of the orphanage too...its just very overwhelming and their whole world has been flipped upside down...its hard though when it seems there is nothing you can do to make it better....just wait til you are home and you have control over a little bit more :)Congratulations!!

  5. Maybe she was scared because she had never been on the floor? I am SOOOOOO HAPPY!! HIP HIP hooray!!! :0)

  6. So happy for you and for Kaylee!! yeah! We'd been away on a trip and I was so glad to read that you had gotcha day and that you are on your way working to come home...that is wonderful to know you don't have to take her back. Its a big adjustment too--God will help you! She is so adorable. We'll be praying for you as you do all the things to be able to come home.

  7. That is wonderful news! Congratulations :)