Monday, May 2, 2011

Her name

Why we chose Kaylee:

When we first decided to adopt Kaylee, we thought her name was Priscilla, but then we came to realize that was just the name Reece's Rainbow used and that her real name was Irina. Both Josh and I wanted to keep this as her name since it would be the one thing she can keep from her past. It was her name and we didn't want to change it. So we sought to come up with a middle name that would go with Irina. I found many I liked, but Josh never liked any of them. One night we went to Barnes and Nobles to look at baby name books to come up with one. We both wrote several down, but neither of us liked the other's names, except we had one in common- Kaylee. But we both agreed we liked it too much to use just as a middle name, so we decided we would save it.

We still hadn't come up with a name when we arrived in Ukraine and found out that we had to know what we wanted to name her the same day we met her. I told Josh he could name her, since he didn't like anything I came up with. He decided on Kaylee Irina, since many people mis-pronounced Irina and we both liked Kaylee. I wasn't sure about taking her name away, and was surprised Josh wanted to change her first name, because he was adamant about keeping her first name the same.

We also found out that she isn't called Irina, but that they either call her Ira (ee-ra), or by her last name, so that made it easier to change it.

Kaylee means "pure", and Irina means "peace".

During court we found out before she was named Irina, her name was Katerina. That is what they named her in the hospital. And then somehow between the time she was in the hospital and when she went to the orphanage, it was changed.

The really awesome part is, I looked up Katerina and it comes from the same name that Kaylee comes from. They are both forms of Katherine and they both mean pure. I think it was meant to be.

She does know her name is Kaylee now, and does look our way when we say it.


  1. How awesome is that! I now have a "kitty". Remember I almost named you Katrina, so I could call you Kitty. I love you guys. Mom

  2. Cute!! I have finally got Rachel trying to say kaylee instead of Irina, but she says Kelly ...,lol then says what's her other name? And I have to say Irina... Haha

  3. Perfect name for a perfect girl! So excited for you guys!