Friday, April 1, 2011

We got our train tickets

Today we got our official referral for our little Irina. We will be leaving on Sunday morning to go to the town her orphanage is in. I am so excited to finally be able to meet her. 

Sorry to have sad news for all of you, but I don't think we will have Internet access :(. The Haglers, who are also at the same orphanage spent a long time at the Internet store today trying to get Internet, but are unable to. So, I can't promise anything. I'm very sad about this, because I love to blog, and I think all of you are just as eager to see pictures and would want to know how we are and what she is like. it will be difficult to not have outside contact, especially since we will be here for like 8 years :), just kidding. 

So, please keep us in your prayers the whole time, especially for court, that everything will go smoothly with that. And that our time will go quickly, so that we can all stay together the whole time. Also, please be praying for our safety and health. 

I am still planning on journaling all of this and may put it on a separate page on my blog for when we get back. 

Maybe we will have access though, so please pray we will.

We still don't know where we are staying, but I'm just not really worried anymore. It will be a fun surprise :)

We had a great day today, we did a ton of walking. We were trying to save money, so walked instead of getting a driver. There aren't any overweight people here, part of the reason is that everyone walks and the other is probably because their food portions are about half the size. Today we stopped at a tiny sandwich/wrap shop. We ordered chicken wraps, because that is what we could order. They were, oh so good! It was a wrap filled with chicken, potato, cabbage, a pickle spear, and who knows what else. On the top was mayo, we were skeptical at first, but tried it, it was garlic mayo. I think we all agreed it was the best part of the wrap. And it all costs about $10 to feed 5 people.

Later we went to exchange money and I went to talk to someone. Now, I try to speak in Russian, but I'm not that good. Instead of saying hello, I said thank you. They both start with s. I immediately knew I made a mistake and was so embarrassed. They probably laughed at us when we left. Oh well, at least I tried. 


  1. Lauren Gorley came to my house today, I told her where you guys were and she said she had a dream that you guys got Irina and she saw her and she was so cute. She said she hadn't read your blog or anything in a long time and didn't even know you were close to getting her. I thought that was so neat. I showed her your blog today and Irina's pictures and she thought she was precious!

    I am so glad you guys had a good day, I hate that you won't have internet access. I was enjoying keeping up with you guys. Lauren wanted to drive by their old house today so we drove past your house today as well I just wanted to make sure everything looked ok, and it did. I just wanted you to know that!! It's so weird to think your not inside though! LoL

    I am still praying and hoping that everything works out! Hurry up and get home!!! :)

  2. I am sad you probably won't have internet, but don't worry, we will be praying for you just the same. Not too long now!
    I will be praying that you find just the right place to stay at just the right price.