Thursday, April 14, 2011


Thanks for all of the nice comments, it sure makes my day to know that y'all are reading what I write and praying for us.

Thank you so much Sarah for the game idea. We will definitely do it. We made a tent this morning and they had fun with it, but played more on top of it than under it. If anyone else has fun ideas for toddlers please pass them on.


  1. The verse is sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques" and the participants move according to the words of the song. They walk when singing about walking, hop when they sing about hopping, etc.

    Walking, walking,
    Walking, walking,
    Hop, hop, hop!
    Hop, hop, hop!
    Running, running, running,
    Running, running, running,
    Now we stop.
    Now we stop.

    Check out this website too, I have found a lot of fun ideas from here:

    Glad you liked the Blue's Clues! You could always teach them some new songs! :0) Rachel and Emma love Michael W. Smith Above all! That took some time to learn!

  2. It sounds like Kaylee is starting to bond with you! That is great! I wouldn't feel too bad when she likes going back to her room--its all she's known and its security for her. We joke in our family that we couldn't take Sean on our 2nd adoption because he'd be so happy to see everyone and his old home he'd go running back--:) but thats good in a way as I know they took care of him, and he's a very social boy with DS :)
    I know what you mean about not having much to got very old! We did find some toys outside in the sheltered playareas at our orphanage. Singing songs like Old MacDonald and Eensy Weensy spider, bible songs, and songs with motions and songs with their names in it our kids liked. Have you seen any playgrounds around where you are? There are some really cheap toys at the supermarket there as a back up-- we got some to put around outside at the play areas to surprize the orphans which was so much fun (they were so excited over every little things) which might be fun to do as a family. Our big kids liked just walking to a corner store to get an icecream and playing cards...maybe you could do a matching game if you found cards. At the store we got a little cheap peg board that they can make designs with. Also balls are great too. Hang in there!! So neat to see them playing together!
    Praying for you all,
    love the Adamson family

  3. great ideas! i ditto the songs with hand motions-you can even just make them up.
    hide n seek
    simon says (or a copy cat game since justus is little)
    dress up in mommy's and teeny's clothes
    fixing mommy's and teeny's hair
    mud pies in the bath tub with spoons, bowls
    musical pots and pans
    pillows can become all kinds of things-farm animals to take care of, building materials to make a cabin they crawl in, horseys to ride
    hide some coins (money) in a pot of beans for them to find (or rice)
    counting games with food
    bring in rocks, twigs, leaves from outside and build mini houses, people, cities
    if you have paper and a pen you can make your own connect the dots pictures
    alphabet games (find something in the house that starts with the letter A...)
    guess what animal i am thinking about-give them clues or let them ask questions
    run around (even inside) to wear them out
    we do this a lot-if we watch a movie or show we then act it out so it's like playing pretend
    wrestling and tickling (pierce could do this almost all day)
    ride the horsey (them on teeny's back) and if you do it on the bed you can buck around and they fall off on the bed
    flower necklaces, crowns, bracelets, belts
    "reorganize" the suitcases
    "cleaning" just for fun
    let them put tape all over you or stickers
    brush their own teeth for fun
    sword fighting with sticks
    make you own golf game with sticks and small rocks
    throwing rocks into a pot (like a basketball game)-even do this inside during a rainy day
    plant a "garden" inside with dirt in a pot and anything that could pretend to be a seed
    plant flowers in dirt
    tape paper to yourself and let them color mommy (kids find it so funny to do things that are weird like that-a good change from just drawing on paper on a table)
    patty cake
    pretend, pretend, pretend
    whoa, ok I'm tired just thinking about playing all of that-but wearing kids out with fun is a good thing

  4. i just looked over and pierce is playing with a disposable rubber glove and that reminded me he thinks it's hilarious when i blow them up and let go and they fly (blowing up balloons and letting them go untied is even more fun, and just playing with balloons in general if you can find some there or maybe we can send some back with josh). earlier today i was blowing up the rubber glove and we laughed because it looked like and udder and we played milk the cow so that would go with a farm game.
    last night the ladies were saying we need to send some things back with josh so please let us know what we can send-more movies, balloons, coloring books, activity books, fun snacks, jello (fun to play with too), small balls, small craft items like glue sticks, scissors, pipe cleaners, beads, silly string.
    I just thought if we sent him with more movies then we could gather them up from people (everyone could write their names on them) and we could put them in a cd case so they take up less room.