Monday, April 25, 2011

Things I miss

Things I miss about home:

Meat, hamburgers, French fries, Mexican food, salsa, peanut butter, friendly people, smiles, being able to dry our clothes, clear water from the faucet, water that doesn't smell like the sewer, being able to flush the toilet paper, understanding people, not having to dress the kids like it's 20 degrees, cheese that melts, friends, family, fast food, being able to drive where I want to go, not having to go to the store everyday, watching tv that isn't dubbed over in Russian.

I'm sure one day I will miss something from here, well maybe. Anyway, I will be even more grateful for the things at home.

Today was a good day with Kaylee. She got so dirty today. I wouldn't care, but I'm afraid I will get in trouble, so instead of telling them, I am just going to take her clothes home to wash them and then sneak them back. She had a ton of fun though. She even took two steps on her own today, though I'm not sure yet if it was just a fluke or for real.


  1. We saw Josh for a few minutes last night! He looks so excited to be coming back to you guys! I am so happy too! :)

    Things I miss:
    Calling to see if you guys want to go to the park, Y'all coming over to play, calling you when I find out something new, Sending you pictures of cute things my kids have done, getting pictures of cute things your kids have done, seeing you guys!!

    Come home SOOONNNN!!!! :)

  2. I love the pictures. Can't wait to get you all home. We found a car for Justus. We will now look for one for Kaylee.

  3. Hang in there. I understand many of those "misses".

    My goodness, Kaylee looks just like all of you guys! :)

  4. I just cannot get over how adorable she is. And that bow - too cute!