Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kaylee is sick

Kaylee has been sick for the last few days. Today she seems a lot better to me, but the nannies make it seem like she is worse today. I was so worried about her a few days ago because she had a fever and was having trouble breathing. I haven't been able to take her outside, I think they think the cold air is what makes you sick, not germs. Then today, I was told to keep her away from the window. I just follow the rules, but I think they are strange. The strangest thing they told me was that all children with down syndrome are not allowed to eat red foods. I wonder where they get their information from.

I haven't taken Malika and Justus to the orphanage in a few days because of Kaylee being sick. And since we can't be outside, I don't want them to be around her and get sick also.

It is very difficult being there by myself, it makes the time drag by. I have a ball, a bag of wipes, a paci, a teether, and a baby for 2 hours, 2 times a day. She is pretty content with the wipes. It is funny that that is her favorite thing to play with. It is becoming more difficult to entertain her, especially since she is sick. She just wants to sleep, but I am not allowed to let her, so she cries. I feel so bad for her.

This morning when I got her she had a bite mark on her arm. I pointed to it and they said this little boy did it. It seems hard to believe, because he just seems so sweet. I wonder why he bit her, especially since they aren't even in the same crib. I wish I knew what happened when I wasn't there.

Things are so difficult here, I am trying to stay positive, but it is much easier said than done. The hardest part is the language barrier.

Josh will be here in 7 days and we have court in 8 days. I asked about waiving the 10 days, but was told by Marina that they won't do it in this region, so it looks like it will be another 3 weeks after court.

I wish I could post pictures from my camera, they are so much cuter.


  1. i'm sorry crystal! i'm glad she is getting better. you know bringing her home in may will be 9 months from when you first saw her, from when she was conceived in your heart! that is so cool.

  2. after my comment posted i saw the date and realized today is my half sister's birthday who has down syndrome.
    also, i dropped off some little toys for the kids on y'all's front porch and emailed josh-he said he got them. i hope they help!
    love you!

  3. 3 weeks after court? Why so long? I thought it was just 10 days after court! I hope Kaylee feels better soon! When Josh gets there it will all go by much faster! I bet you guys will be so excited to see one another! :)

  4. I am so sorry that she is sick and that it makes the time go so slowly when you are visiting since there isn't much to do inside and you can't take her out.

    I am trying to think of games you can play with just what is on your singing the itsy bitsy spider, and patty cake and stuff like that. Peek-a-boo, other cause and effect games (like make a happy noise every time she touches the box of wipes...make a different sound when she touches the ball, before long she will be touching things just to hear the noise and if you do it wrong she will notice).

    I will pray that she will be much better soon, and that you will have lots of encouragement and endurance to make it through the rest of the time. It does seem really long, but I am glad that Josh will be back with you soon. We will be very happy to see you when you are finally able to come home.

  5. We have been praying for you guys constantly - we're so glad that you're finally coming to the end of the journey -- and so happy that Kaylee is finally yours!!!


    P.S. Can you tell that I can FINALLY comment on your blog? :)