Saturday, April 2, 2011

We are off today

Ok, so I just looked at the time and I'm surprised to see that it is only 4:15 am, and I just took a shower. I got up when josh's alrm went off, he said he was going to get up at 5, so that is what time I thought it was. It must have been only 3 something. I am going to be so tired today, especially since I couldn't sleep last night.

We will be leaving here in about two hours to get on a train to dnepropetrovsk. I'm very ready to meet our little girl, but still so nervous about it. I hope she likes us and that we bond easily. I am really hoping she gets along well and loves the kids, Malika would be heart broken if that weren't the case, like us, she already loves her. She has been a daily part of her conversation for so long.

The kids are doing so well. They have adjusted to the time difference. The last three nights they have slept all night long. Justus has stopped his screaming fits, not sure if is because he learned that he would get spanked when he did that or if he just did it because he was so tired, and now he is not. I know he was doing it because he was tired, but he was so mad and would scream this really shrill scream, it was awful. I am amazed at how well children adapt to wherever they are, way better than us adults.I am really glad the kids are with us, I couldn't do it without them. Yesterday I was in such a bad mood, I had to pray all day that God would change my attitude, I am really starting to miss home and realize we have a long ways to go.

We will be staying with our friends, the Haglers. Instead of it being $30 a night, it will be $50, which is still doable. It will be nice to have other Americans here going through the same thing. The language barrier is the hardest thing to deal with. We really do like it here so far, but it would be so much easier if we could communicate easier.

The culture is so different here, it would be nice if we knew all their rules. When we first got here when I was talking to Serge on the phone, he made it sound like it was unacceptable for our kids to sleep on the floor, it didn't make sense. Then, yesterday we were out walking and got some ice cream, we sat on the ground to eat it, so many people were staring at us, then I looked around and saw that amidst the hundreds of people, no one else was sitting on the ground. Lindsay Hagler said the kids are absolutely not supposed to sit on the ground. It must be some sort of taboo here.

Things to pray for:

That we would get along very well with the Haglers
That Irina would love us and bond with us easily
That the kids would not become bored but enjoy it
That our court date would come quickly
That I will have some sort of Internet connection, so if Josh has to go home it will be easier
That everything from here on out will be smooth

Oh, and for those of you wondering, our friend Justine has been great to have along. I am so so glad she came with us, she is perfect. The kids love her, and she is so much fun, plus it's nice to just have her to talk to.


  1. Ok, I'm officially obsessed. I think I check your blog like ten times a day to see if you have written anything new! I am sooooooo glad that you have somewhere to stay. You wrote this about two hours ago, so as I type I am soooo excited to think you may be meeting your new baby girl right now!! YOU Have to keep the internet...or at least go to TGI Fridays every other day! haha :)

    STILL PRAYING!! Tell Malika and Justus we all say hello!!

    On, a completely unrelated sidenote, I can't wait till you get home I found ANOTHER new park!! IT WAS AMAZING!! The best park I have ever been too!! And the kids LOVED IT!!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you have a place to stay...and that you will be with another adopting family--what a blessing. We only got to visit briefly over there with another family and it was wonderful to be able to talk to someone going through the same thing who also have a heart for special needs orphans...enjoy that! We know what you mean about their different rules... they are really funny about not sitting on floors and cement outside, keeping kids very bundled with hats too even when it feels so nice outside, and are particular about what you feed them (our translator told us what to give or not give if we took snacks). My husband got reprimanded at court because he crossed his legs FYI :)
    We're excited you get to meet your girl soon...and we will pray that it goes well and you find internet.
    love from the Adamson family