Thursday, March 10, 2011


I was trying to think of a title, and that is how I feel right now.

We are waiting to receive our travel dates and they still haven't come. I was expecting them sometime this week, like by yesterday, just going by other adoptive family's timelines. Well, I guess I should not have been doing all that expecting, because it is just a huge let down.

Please pray they will come soon. We are so ready to go and meet our baby girl.


  1. Awwww Crystal-my heart is sad for you. We were out to eat with my parents and brothers this week and I looked at them and said "Can you believe that this summer, we will have a baby in a highchair at the end of our table?" We are so anxious to go meet our little guy and I know you are too. I am praying for travel dates for you so that you can go rescue your beauty soon :)

  2. Not too much longer. We also, can not wait to hold our new granddaughter. Grandchildren are true blessings from ABOVE. Our prayers are with you all. Love ya Mom & Dad

  3. you'll be packing in no time and in a few months she'll be having her first birthday with y'all!!

  4. Just think how far you have come since August....looking back you probably thought you would never have gotten here! YOU are almost there!!! :)

  5. Crystal-can you email me please? I don't have your email address. I wanted to ask about airline ticket prices. Thanks :)
    Still praying by the way!