Saturday, March 19, 2011

My heart is broken...

for this poor sweet little girl. Her name is Carrington, she was recently adopted and brought home.

She is the same age as Malika, but she only weighs 11 pounds! I sit here with tears running down my face thinking of this sweet little angel. She is in the hospital right now, because of malnutrition. This poor little girl has suffered so much, because she was thought of as worthless. How in the world can somebody look at a little child as worthless? It is so beyond me. Animals are treated better than this.

Here are some posts about her if you would like to read more about her story and see pictures of this little baby.

Please, please pray for sweet little Carrington. Pray that she will hold on longer and that she will start to gain strength. Pray that she will know what it is to be in a family that truly cares for her. Pray that her memories will be of kisses and laughter, not of hate and loneliness.

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  1. OH CRYSTAL, I too am crying but I am also praying. Lord Jesus be with this little girl! Help her to survive and become healthy. How people can treat other humans like this I will never know. She is not worthless. she just wants somebody to love her.