Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 days

We are leaving in 2 days. I have mixed feelings about all of this. One moment, I am extremely excited and can't wait, and then the next moment is a very overwhelmed feeling. I would say a feeling of dread, but it is not quite that. I can't explain it. I am so so happy to be finally meeting our little girl, and I absolutely cannot wait to see her, hug her, kiss her and just let her know how much I love her, so it isn't that.

We are taking our kids with us, so part of the reason that I think I have mixed feelings about all of this, is that part. Maybe it is the unknown. Not knowing how they will handle any of it. Not knowing if they will be allowed to go to the orphanage, or if they will just be bored while we are there.

My plan is to just stay the whole time, until we can bring our little girl home, but Josh won't be able to stay the whole time. So, I'm not looking forward to being there without him. We are taking a friend with us to help with the kids, so I won't be totally alone.

And then there are all the negative comments, or people "warning" me about taking the children. I know most are in good heart. But, it still makes me re-think our decision. In the beginning of our adoption process, we prayed about taking them, and decided that for our family, this was best. I would rather take the children and it be hard and make the best of it, than to leave them and it be emotionally hard. Besides, children are so adaptable, I don't think this will even phase them much, as long as they are with us. And I have been talking to other families who have taken their young children and they were grateful they took them.

Anyway, I'm not complaining about it, I'm just pouring out my heart. So, please be praying for us. Pray for safety on all of us and that the children will be happy and adapt well to all the differences and the time change.

And please, please, only leave positive comments. We have the plane tickets bought, our minds are made up and our bags our packed, we won't be changing our minds, we are ALL definitely leaving in 2 days. :)


  1. Don't worry!! It's all going to work out brilliant! If I know your kids well at all I know they are very adaptable! You've always been blessed with that! They are happy and will sleep anywhere!! They need you! No way could you leave them, you have Jesus covering you and your family!! We love you guys! I will miss you all so much!!!!!!!

  2. Woohoo! Can't wait for you to get here! I'm SO glad we brought Syrus. He has been awesome and we have had lots of fun having him here. Let me know if you have any last minute questions or need anything!

    Corbett :)

  3. They will do fine! Plus, when you get in region, you have us :) We will be missing ours and gratefully help you with yours!

  4. You can rest in the fact that God cares for you and your children, and He will watch over them.
    We will be praying for your family!
    Traci (and the Adamsons)

  5. Love this Crystal. Proud of you, see you soon!