Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Being Frugal

Since starting this adoption process, Josh and I are trying really hard to stick with our budget, and even cut back on things we've budgeted. We are trying not to spend any money unless it is absolutely necessary.

I didn't realize how much we spend and how many things are not really necessary. Before, if I needed something, I would just get in the car and drive to walmart and get it, now I am trying to figure out other ways instead of buying things.

I have come up with so many ridiculous ways of saving money, if I wrote about it on here, you would seriously think I was crazy. But, I don't call it crazy, I call it love. I will do whatever it takes to bring Priscilla home to be with us. If it resorts to standing on the street corner holding a sign, I am there.

I do believe God will provide, and I am not even worried about that part (must be God, because I worry about EVERYTHING :). But, I also believe that when God says He will do something, he expects us to do our part. I can't just sit back and do nothing and just hope the money will fall into my lap. It could, and maybe it will, God is able. But, I will also do my part, even if it means not eating out, drinking only water, or rationing the toilet paper (jk on this one).

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