Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Leaving this blog

I am not going to continue writing on this blog, except an occasional update.  I know, I hate it when I read an adoption blog all the way through the adoption and then they drop off and never write again once coming home, so I'm sorry to be doing that too. I really have enjoyed writing on here and hate to leave, but I'm just not liking the idea of putting my thoughts and life out there for people to read and critique and to take it differently than I meant.

I have updated this blog and will keep it up to for other adoptive families to read and learn from. I hope to be starting a private family blog when I can come up with a name :)

Kaylee is doing great. She is so sweet and happy and snuggly. She does not scream as much anymore. She seems to be learning what we mean when we say "no scream". She is doing new things like, finding a crumb or piece of dirt on the floor and bending over until she is literally touching it, then she moans to it. It really is cute, but if I don't stop her, she would continue to do it.

She is signing more all on her own and usually at the right times :), but I think she may have confused it with eat, because she signs it when she wants to eat. She does more of a clap and does it so excitedly, probably she got that because I was so excited when she started doing it. We are working on the signs for eat and drink. She gets eat, but doesn't do it on her own and I'm not sure she understands it yet.

We are having some issues with eating. She cries at the top of her lungs if I walk away during meal times, even if I just gave her a spoonful of food. I am hoping she will figure it out that I will come back, unless I sign and say "all done".  She doesn't want to use a spoon, but we are still working on it. I try to use a spoon and hold it in her hand for the first few bites, then either let her pick up her food with her hands or feed it to her. She prefers to have her hands in the air while eating, of course that way, the food usually ends up behind her :)

Kaylee absolutely loves food and gets so excited about it. She loves it so much, she tries to eat everything. I take leaves and mulch out of her mouth constantly. Yesterday, she even found the cat food. I told Josh and he said "she is taking after her brother". I have joked about sending cat food to college with Justus, because even now at almost 2, if he finds it, he will eat it and say "mmmm", yuck! So, she pretty much fits into our family :)

We went to visit the Haglers for Memorial Day. We took the kids swimming and Kaylee did not enjoy the water, we figured out it was because of it being cold, because she loves our big pool at home (which is warmer) and the bath.  All the other kids loved the water so much, it was a little scary as a parent to try to corral so many children who can not swim, but we had fun.

Here are our 7 kids, 3 from Ukraine

I have been trying to teach Kaylee to play. I have heard that other children adopted from orphanages don't know how to play. I did not understand that fully until bringing Kaylee home. Her idea of playing is to hit herself in the head with a toy.  

I have been working on playing and being sweet with a baby doll. She is getting it, when I put a baby in her arms and say "oh sweet baby", she gets a huge smile on her face, but as soon as I take my hands away, she will drop or throw the baby. I'm sure in another 6 months she will be a different child.


  1. Well, I think that absolutely stinks, but I understand. I have enjoyed reading it from beginning to end! Love you and your family. Looks like you will just have to hang out with us even more, so I can find out what is going on in the life of the Thumanns.

  2. Love that sweet red dress she's wearing. She looks like she fits right on in with Malika and Justus...

    She's just so precious.


  3. I will miss all the sweet pictures but also understand. I had to laugh out loud at the cat food thing. Sarah thought dog food was her favorite snack for a while! She did outgrow it by the way... ;-) Sending hugs to you all...
    ~Jen & Jonathan

  4. What a precious blog and incredible resource for others!! That is awesome that blogs can be turned into books!!! I have enjoyed following your journey with this blog. Thank you for sharing your life and your heart! We love Kaylee!!

  5. We'll miss it it too! Thanks for helping us understand more about adoption. = )

  6. I have not been able to visit your blog for a while, so I have no idea what has caused you to stop blogging. I wish you would rethink about this. You know there is always someone that has to be ugly and cause trouble. Unfortunately on the internet it seems like there are even more of people like that. Please do not let this one person cause the rest of us not to be able to enjoy pictures of Kaylee and follow her progress.
    She is so precious and I would just love to be able to see how she blossoms. They always seem to do so much in the first six months to a year coming home.
    Like I said, PLEASE RECONSIDER LEAVING. There are a lot of us out here that would love to follow with you. Maybe make your blog private so that the rest of us can still follow with you. Also you would have more to add to the book.
    I think it is so awesome that you can turn a blog into a book for you to keep.

    PLEASE think about going private and not just going away.