Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

This was Kaylee's first 4th of July, so I had to get her an outfit to celebrate it. It was a little difficult finding one last minute, but we did and she looks so cute in it. 

I am always trying to get a good picture of the three kids together, and I have yet to get one, this is how it goes...

Either Kaylee is crying..

 Or Justus is crying.

 I actually kind of like this one, even though none of the kids are looking at the camera. Really, there wasn't much to choose from and at least this one no one is crying :)
 And then there is this one, no one is crying, but Malika is chewing her flag, and both Kaylee and Justus have weird looks on their faces.

Oh well, one day I hope to get a good picture of all of them smiling AND looking at the camera.

We had a fun 4th of July, we just stayed home and spent it as a family. The kids and I made sprinkle cookies from this website, except we used red, white and blue sprinkles. Too bad we didn't have a picture, we ate them too fast :). Then Josh grilled stuffed pork chops and I made broccoli salad and mac and cheese.

Later we went and watched fireworks. Malika talked about them all day and said she wanted to see them, but as I expected she was scared of them, but still did better than last year. Both Kaylee and Justus LOVED them, they both reached out and wanted to touch them.

This picture is so cute, even though Kaylee has a strange look on her face. I think they look alike here.
 Kaylee can take about 5 steps.  I just think she is so beautiful and I wish her mom could see her. I don't really know her mom's circumstance other than what we were told, but who knows if what we were told was true, so whatever happened, I still wish her mom could see how happy and beautiful she is now.
 Malika blowing raspberries on Kaylee's tummy. Kaylee is starting to play and love Malika. She still has a hard time around other children though. Maybe because she was in a crib with two others and not really watched all day. One day when we picked her up from the orphanage she had a bite on her arm. Poor girl, she probably thinks all children are mean, and Justus hasn't been much help to prove that wrong.


  1. Love the pictures. Justus needs to come to my house and have his picture with my boys...they all have the same shirts :) And why is it so hard to get good pictures of all the kids? Mine are the same way. I'm convinced I'm going to have to photoshop my kids all into one picture together.

    Happy Independence Day, Kaylee...we know you are enjoying your freedom, sweet girl!

  2. Lol...I love how none of them are looking or smiling at the same time. I have given up...but I love lindsay's photoshop idea. That just might work :). She's beautiful Crystal!