Sunday, January 2, 2011

What we've been up to

I've been sitting here for about 30 minutes trying to figure out what to write, but I can't think of much, so I will just write the random things that have been happening in my life (at least the things that I don't care if the whole world knows).

Lately, I have been feeling very stuffed in our house, so I have been looking for houses. We even went out with a realtor last friday. We found a house that we LOVED, we really didn't expect this to happen. When I saw the house online, I didn't really even like it, and thought I would hate it even more in person, but that didn't happen. It has been torture for both Josh and me, because we really wanted this house and could possibly make it work. Anyway, long story short, we have been praying about it, and both of us know this isn't really the time to be buying a new house. It is hard, because we both love this house and could see it as our forever home and we could have many children there, but we also know that we would be walking out on our own if we did it. I know that if we wanted to, we could make it work and get that house, but I also know that I would regret it.

So, we took down our Christmas tree, and what do you know, it isn't quite so stuffed in our house. :)

The other day, Malika said something so funny, I'm still not sure what she meant. She said her sister was going to get in a bubble and come over here and we would pop it and she would live here. She's so funny. I made her repeat it twice, because it just didn't make sense. Since then, she has heard me say this to others, and she thinks it is so funny. Now she tells me Lilly (her baby doll) said the same thing. The things she comes up with.

I have been checking our mail everyday waiting for our fingerprint appointments from immigration. So far, nothing has come. Hopefully this week. Please be praying with us, that this part of our process would go very quickly. We are almost done. I only have one paper to redo and then waiting on immigration and we can send our dossier. It's starting to feel more real.

We are so amazed and surprised at how much money people have donated. If you were one of those, thank you so much. We are so grateful. People have been so giving and supportive. I really expected more people to question us, but really other than the couple in the beginning, everyone has been extremely supportive. I'm still in shock that we have the money and that this really IS happening. And that I really did hear the Lord about the finances. I mean, I thought I did, but money is such a huge thing today, that I thought we would be having to do many fundraisers for the money to come in. But, now I know when God says $25,000 is like 25 cents to Him, He means it. If I had just truly believed Him in the beginning, I could have saved myself the time trying to come up with fundraisers. :)

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