Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Yard Sale

We had our HUGE yard sale/ bake sale this weekend. I have to say it was a huge success! We ended up making $1670! I am so excited we did so well.

We put so much work into it. I have literally been busy every minute of the day for the last two weeks. We sorted and priced things, made signs, emailed people about the bake sale, emailed about getting yard sale stuff, picked up yard sale stuff, cried because I was so stressed, baked things for the yard sale, set it all up, and then took it all down. It was so much work, but I had the most wonderful people come and help me. It is times like this that I know without a doubt that I am loved.

So, thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family for giving of your time and stopping your lives to help me out. Thank you to my friends who are moms that stopped everything and brought your kids to come and help. A special thanks to Dee, who came not once, but twice this week, with all her children to help me. And thank you Mary, Linda and Becky, without you guys, I really could not have done it. You have been wonderful. They stayed up most of the night friday, setting up, and then got up early the next morning to finish. And thank you to my mom and dad and my brother, Nick. Thank you for loving our little girl that you haven't even met, that you would give so much to help us. I found out later, that Nick loaded, and unloaded the van, not once, but twice, to take things to the thrift store after our yard sale. And I can't forget my wonderful husband, and our friend Keith, they both stayed up all night friday, watching the yard sale stuff.

I could go on and on. So, if I did not list your name, don't think I didn't notice your hard work. I did.

I really enjoyed the bake sale part of our yard sale, since eating is one of my favorite things to do. :) I'm not sure how much money was from that part, but I think a good portion came from the bake sale. Thank you to everyone who baked. Everything looked so wonderful. We had a table of about 10 feet, FULL of baked goods, and more to fill up later, and most of it sold! I really did not expect that. I thought most would be left.

Here are a few pictures. I wish I had taken more, but it was a very busy day.

I can't believe all that stuff was in our garage. There was more on both sides, too, I just couldn't fit it all in one picture. 

Here is a picture of me with the two girls I was a nanny for. I love them so much. I think of them as my own. 

Lauren was so wonderful, she passed out flyers and greeted everyone. 

I think this one might  embarrass Hannah :), but I love it, she's so cute, and it really shows her personality. She was in charge of  the bake sale. Everyone commented on how grown up she was. Can you believe she is only 11?

Some of our yummy looking baked goods. 

Look at all that money! This is my dad, he was in charge of taking all the money, he's a great sales man too, he actually got people to donate even more money. 

One more of Justus checking himself out in the mirror. He's so cute.

We are almost halfway to our goal of $25,000!  Look at our fundraiser thermometer. 


  1. yeah Jesus!! this is wonderful! i am so glad you took pictures. they are great. the baked goods looked so professional. that was a great idea to have them individually wrapped. that is amazing how much y'all made! and almost to the half way point!! ok, so can you tell I am excited-lol. please do whatever you wish with the two items we gave if they were left over. that is great people donated extra. this is really awesome and now take a deep breath and rest-for a moment at least.
    we have been praying even more for y'all!

    love you-

  2. I'm so excited it went so well!! Isn't it encouraging to make over $1500 in one day?! Wow. The fundraising seems to be moving right along. God is providing!!!

  3. Wow, what a success!! Looked like hard work, but fun too. Congratulations! :)

  4. Looks like there's some great supporters for your sweet Priscella. Praying for you Crystal and Josh.
    Carolyn and David