Sunday, January 19, 2014


So many have asked lately if I'm going to update my blog with pictures, so here they are. I really have been meaning to update sooner, but here it is a year later. Oh well, better late than never. 

It was a very busy year for us last year. We have been busy remodeling our kitchen and updating our house. We found out we are expecting again, a little girl. I am actually due in about 2 weeks with her, we are all very excited and can't wait to meet her. 

Malika turned 6 this year and is working on first grade. We are homeschooling and she is doing extremely well, I think she might take after her daddy as she picks everything up so quickly and is great at math. She is such a great helper for me and a good big sister. The kids were at my parents house one night before Christmas so we could go Christmas shopping. My mom said that Malika took care of Kaylee all night and even made her a place to lay on the couch while they watched a movie and then later put her to bed. It makes me so proud that she would take care of Kaylee and love her when I'm not around. She is so so excited to have a new baby sister and can not wait to meet her.

Justus turned 4 this year. He is our little artist, from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed, he is drawing and coloring. He is really good too and can draw anything from memory. He and Malika are still best friends and do everything together. They started Awana's this year and he loves it so much. On wednesday's they go to Awana's at 6:30, but he starts getting ready about 4. He takes wearing his vest and bringing his bag very seriously. This year we have discovered that Justus is a much more allergic to nuts than we originally thought. Not only is it peanuts, but also cashews and something in hummus, we are unsure what yet. We had to call 911 once after he ate cashews, it was so scary, but I'm very grateful they knew what to do and took care of him so quickly. It seems like he is becoming even more sensitive to it since Christmas, so we have banned any nut from our house for the time being. We plan on taking him to an allergist and figuring out more what is ok and what is not. For now, he carries an Epi-pen junior and we just warn him over and over to ask before eating anything. Last week, I took him and Seth to a thrift store and they wanted some candy, so I bought some for them. Then, Justus says "good, I don't want this then" as he hands me a peanut m&m. Almost gave me a heart attack. 

Kaylee is doing well, she surprises me with how much she understands and knows. She is still not talking much, but takes so much in. The other day  I was holding her like a baby and asked if she was a baby, she shakes her head no. Then I ask if she is a big girl, she nods yes. Then I ask if she knows we are having a baby, yes. I ask where the baby is, she points to my belly. Then I ask if she is going to love the baby, yes, is she going to kiss the baby, yes, is she going to take care of the baby, yes. Then I wanted to see if she was just saying yes or if she really understood, so I asked if she would be mean to the baby, she shakes her head very hard no. That was a complete surprise to me, that she understood everything and answered correctly, not that she would be mean to the baby, she is very sweet and loving. Even though she is developmentally where Seth is, she still mothers him and tries to take care of him.

Seth is our little tornado, he goes from one room to the next destroying and getting into things. But, he is just so cute it is hard to stay angry with him. He and Kaylee are best friends, the newest thing they do is play duck duck goose. Of course, neither of them understand and just run around in a circle saying "duck, duck" over and over. Seth is our little dancer and will dance anytime he hears music. He put us through quite a scare this year, he was diagnosed with viral asthma. So, every time he gets sick, he has an asthma attack. I feel like it is pretty controlled now, but it is still so scary every time he has trouble breathing. 

Here are the pictures I'm sure you are waiting for :)...

Malika dressed and ready for her dance recital.

Strawberry picking. Kaylee was in heaven, being able to eat as many strawberries as she wanted.

Eating ice cream cones on a hot summer day. I don't know what I was thinking, must be the 4th child syndrome or something, but I gave them ice cream cones in the car from Sonic. Not good, at all. They finished what was left at home as I cleaned up.

 We enjoyed swimming in our pool last summer. Malika even learned how to swim. 

Justus and Malika on Justus' birthday 

We had a spider-man pool party for Justus' birthday. This is him with his friend. 

Seth being super cute.

Kaylee on her birthday. We decided to do 2 different birthdays for her and Justus this year. She took hers very seriously and knew it was all about her and made sure everyone else knew it was HER day. 

With her cookie cake. 

 Malika on her birthday. 

It is our yearly birthday tradition to chart their growth. Daddy is very particular and has to do it ON their birthday.

 Pictures from the beach

 And one last one of our little bugaboo. He keeps us laughing and definitely on our toes. 

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  1. Bahhhhh! They're all so big and beautiful. Goodness, I love this.