Thursday, December 27, 2012

Selling our house/ Christmas

So much has happened in the last few months since my last post. Seth turned 1. Malika started Kindergarten and is now able to read. We found an amazing speech therapist for Kaylee and she is even saying a few words now. We put our house on the market. I cleaned like crazy for all of our showings and it eventually paid off, we sold our house this month! The way it happened I believe was completely God. 
We had our house on the market about 3 months and had an offer, but it was way too low. We went back and forth with the people that offered, but we couldn't come to an agreement on a price. It was so stressful trying to keep the house in perfect condition with 4 little ones and having to pack them up and leave the house for the showings, so the same day we found out the other people walked away we decided to take it off the market for the holidays. Later in the day a realtor called to set an appointment to show the house. I told her it wasn't a good day and we were taking it off the market anyway. She said her clients were really interested and asked if we could just show it one last time. She was so nice and understanding, I said yes, but I wasn't cleaning it. They were the ones to buy our house! And it was at a much higher offer than we expected. 

We had a month to find a new house, move and close on our old house. Oh, how stressful and crazy it has been. We did find a house. It is a perfect house for us and we love it. I have been looking at houses for 2 years and haven't found one that I loved. Without wanting to knock down a wall or add a room, anyway. The house we found went on the market just a few weeks before we found it. When we came to look at it, I said it was the house and we didn't need to look at anymore. 

It is perfect for our needs. It is all one level, and we have doubled our space from our previous house. We miss our old house, but look forward to making this one our home. 

The kids love it. Seth especially, he can get to all the toys anytime he wants (the toys were upstairs in the old house to keep it neat for the showings). Justus says he wants to go back home, but I can tell he likes this house too. Kaylee has adjusted well, the first day she was a bit out of sorts, she just sat on the floor and did nothing. I think she just didn't know what was going on as it was completely different. Malika wasn't even phased at all about moving, she's just happy to have a purple room and a huge closet with a light:) The cat hates it, but we didn't expect her too as she is afraid of her own shadow. 

Seth playing outside in the sandbox, one of his favorite things to do. 

 Seth and Kaylee love each other. They are best friends. When Seth is taking a nap, Kaylee just mopes around waiting for him. And Seth gets excited when he sees Kaylee first thing in the morning. They really are double trouble together. They definitely keep me on my toes. See those puzzles in the background? This day, they decided to dump every last puzzle on the ground and laugh as mommy put them back together.
We dressed our cat, Liberty, up for Christmas. She wasn't exactly happy about it, the kids were though.

Malika had her first dance recital. She was a bunny in Narnia. I am so proud of her, she did an awesome job. She is so shy, I really thought she would just stand there, but she did her dance perfectly.

Kaylee and Seth had their second Christmas. This was the first Christmas that the kids woke us up early.

Poor baby boo. He had his first real boo-boo, he fell on his face on the driveway.

 Malika is so beautiful. She is showing off her favorite gift from her stocking, her butterfly headband.

 Whenever Kaylee has unwrapped presents she always gets this pained look on her face and grunts, it is funny to watch.

  When I look at this picture, I now see what others see when I am out. They all look the same age. No wonder people always say I have my hands full.

 With our Birthday cake for Jesus.


  1. beautiful!!! love the pictures.

  2. Don't forget we bought a bed, hated it, took advantage of our 30-day in-home trial to return it, and get another a week before we moved.

  3. Adorable! Those pictures are priceless. So glad you are all moved and can start settling in. Miss you friend!!!