Monday, February 14, 2011

patiently waiting

Our dossier arrived in country today!! Yay!! We are getting closer.

I have resigned myself to just be patient and wait. I can't really do much else anyway. I think I will go crazy if I try to count down the days anyway.

So, instead of checking my email, my blog and every other source of information 15 times a day, I will just enjoy my children. Soon, our life will be completely different and probably a whole lot busier, so I am going to try to just enjoy the season I am in.

Please keep praying though,

  1. For Priscilla to be safe and healthy and well taken care of.
  2. That she has a caretaker now that she has bonded with, someone who loves her and cares for her like their daughter (yes, this will be harder for her to leave, but easier for her to attach, since she will already know what love is)
  3. For our dossier to be translated and submitted soon.
  4. That everything will fall into place so we can go rescue our little beauty soon.


  1. Glad your dossier made it! We should mail ours on Wednesday or Thursday (for a March 2nd submission date), so we're just a tad behind you. Blessings!

  2. You don't know me - I've gotten in the habit of following many adoption blogs while I was waiting for my own adoption referral. I had to giggle about your comment regarding checking 15 times a day - I checked my e-mail probably every 20 or so minutes in the weeks just before the referral (Ethiopia - so a blind referral). I got my referral a month and a day ago and she is certainly worth all the waiting! You'll be in my thoughts as you wait for your precious one.

  3. Yay for your dossier! How exciting! I know you can't wait to go get that beauty :) We got our homestudy in the mail yesterday, so our i-600 will be sent out shortly!

  4. yay!!! in country!! ah, this is the year, this is the year! blessings on your heart and patience from abiding in the Holy Spirit.